Profoto AcuteB 600R Battery Replacement Hack - INSIGHTS FROM A SHITTY FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER

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HIGH SPEED SYNC with these lights!

Keep Shooting Fuckers.


Eli Samuel.

Brisbane Fashion and Commercial Photographer.

A Little About Me. #bio #nerd #aspiration.

My name is Eli Samuel and I have been a photographer for over 10 years. I think I may have come out of the womb holding a camera! Lol, I have shot most kinds of photography including pictures of family, strangers, events, street life, weddings, studio portraits, concert images, and friends, though I prefer to shoot fashion so I founded SAMUEL VISION to service fashion/editorial and corporate advertising.

In my heart and if you know me, I am a little nerdy. I am a “photo enthusiast” as well as a passionate photographer. Blogging is my way of giving back. I read all the posts published by our heroes in our industry every day like Steve Huff, Ken Rockwell etc.  So I thought to myself, stop being selfish!

My dream is to grace the cover of Vogue Italia. I am coming for you Vogue! Help me get there.


SAMUEL VISION - Excellent imagery for your brand.


E: T: +6143579769




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