Commercial and Theatrical Headshots / Portraits:

STUDIO SHOOT ……………………………………..  $350 


    •    2 Wardrobe Changes / “Looks” - Includes a complimentary Wardrobe / Branding Consult. 

    •    Online Gallery within 24 hours of the shoot to Select Fifteen (15) images to be retouched:

    •    Retouching is included in the package.

    •    Finished product / Edited Photographs Available Online for download.


Add - On’s:

- Each additional “look” is $75

- Each additional Location(s) outside the studio……….$200

Makeup Artist:

  • $100 for two looks / per face. Each additional look is $50.

Hair Stylist:

  • $100 for two looks / per face. Each additional look is $50.
  • Girls can order a Blow Out for an additional $25 


To secure the date of your shoot, we bill 25% of the full amount of the shoot  which is a non-refundable retainer. This is NOT mandatory but it will secure your date to ensure that we will not book anything on that day.


There are many photographers, they are a dime a dozen. At this point, you have looked at many photographer’s websites and had recommendations from friends on who to choose.

In this process your considering what will meet your needs, fit your budget and most importantly, care about you and delivering a product that meets your professional goals.

At Samuel Vision you will experience a collaborative and creative environment. A space where your dreams and aspirations are taken seriously, working with our studio you will be apart of a carefully designed system of shooting which has been formulated though experience, speaking with agents and casting directors. 

Samuel's experience with directing and motivating each client to get the best pictures possible, which individually represent each client well. Whether this is a actor headshot, modeling photography for a comp card or an advertising campaign. The set is is alive with great energy, collaborating together to get great result and the images you need.


If you are seeking actor headshots, modeling photography, or an advertising photographer, it is important to consider how you or your product should be marketed. This is a very important question to ask, our studio provides a thorough consultation to uncover your needs to provide your final products marketability. 

If you are looking for headshots or modeling photography, we will consider your age range, roles you are being submitted for or want to be submitted for and establish your need for commercial and/or theatrical headshots and portfolios. If your are represented, we will discuss what your agent prefers and feels you need. 

Each shoot that our studio produces is tailored for each and every client, giving a clear individual look and style to each project we undertake.  


Our headshot packages are arranged by looks. For example, if you choose the three look package. We will shoot you in three different clothing styles, three changes of makeup/hair, three different settings/backgrounds, with three different unique lighting schemes. 

For example, one look may be your commercial look. The makeup and hair may be light and natural while wearing a soft or flattering color. Samuel will select a setting or background and specific lighting schemed which fits this look. The next look may be a Theatrical look, will vary completely, with different clothing, change of makeup and hair, and lighting.

We make a point to give you diversity for your portfolio, looks that are truly distinct and marketable. This will give you a range of images for various roles which suit your age and skill set.


At Samuel Vision,  the wardrobe selection and the change between looks is more than a change of color. What your wear affects your mood, posture, comfort and also the attitude you’ll bring to the camera.


  • Solid colors often are best. Avoid large prints and patterns and extremely bright colors.
  • Bring varying necklines;collars, v-neck, crew necks, tank tops, etc. and various sleeve lengths to add variety to your looks.
  • Consider your skin tone when selecting the colors of your garments. Some people tend to look good in pastels, while others in muted neutrals, etc.
  • Most people want to enhance and bring focus to their eyes. Blue eyes may be enhanced by a green, brown, or grey shirt, while green eyes may with earthy tones or muted blues and grays. Brown and hazel eyes tend to have a wider range of colors that enhance them.
  • Clothes must fit well, be clean, and free of wrinkles
  • Layers with various textures like jackets, vests, scarves, etc. can add interest.
  • Keep accessories like jewelry, watches, wristbands, hair ornaments, etc. to a minimum.
  • Upon careful consideration of the bullet points above, bring plenty of clothing options so that we can help you make the final clothing selections that suit each of your Looks.


Why should I choose professional makeup and hair? In one word, control. Quality control onset helps you capture exactly the images you need, the details matter in capturing a great images. Our studio makeup artist has worked alongside Eli enough to know what works best in every situation. With many years of experience and know much about the effects of lighting, natural or studio, on the skin and the pigments used in most cosmetics.


Please arrive on time, no earlier as we may be finishing with another client. There is a lots of street parking, so you won’t have to worry about that. 

Please feel free to ask questions and provide feedback as we explain and design your shoot. We have fun in set and love to keep it relaxed though professional and will create an collaborative working environment.

Samuel's forte is directing and making the experience seamless to guide you threw the looks. He directs each client and will set them at ease you discover your strengths and weaknesses and keep you within your comfort level. Our makeup artist will also help to coach your movement, presence and posture to help you look your best throughout your experience. 

This will create a seamless flow from look to look until we have completed the shoot together. We have worked hard over the years to create an experience that is unforgettable. 


We retouch all of our images and this is included in our packages. You have full rights to use your pictures for print and promotional purposes as you desire.

We will upload your images to a private, password protected gallery and you will be able to choose your images from there to retouched. Remember, you don’t need lots of images. You need a few that suit your needs, we find clients will probably only ever use only a couple of there images. 

Many castings are now done via the internet and casting directors viewing thumbnail sized photos, so it is much more than a pretty face that catches their eye. We will help you pick the right images based on our experience within the industry and the ongoing feedback we receive from agents and casting directors.

Once you select your images, we will place them to a gallery for download.